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We provide skilled and compassionate representation to each and every client. We are a small firm offering big results. You and your family deserve the best case outcome: the promise of a better tomorrow. 

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Our Philosophy


We will work relentlessly on your case to obtain the best results possible. We’re determined to achieve desirable results for all of our clients and their families.



Guided by our principles, we pride ourselves on our ability to have candor and be honest with our clients, regardless of the issue at large. Without honesty there can be no true justice.


Knowledge is power. It’s important to choose an attorney that prioritizes continuing education, as this ensures effective representation. The legal landscape is an ever-changing one.

The Firm & Your Future

Experienced SWFL Estate Planning Attorney

Servicing the Lee & Collier areas, locally and federally bar-admitted, with experience in all of the following areas: Elder Law, Estate Planning, Contract Law, Business Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, and so on.

A Firm With Heart

We consider your problems our problems, protecting our clients from financial, familial, business, and legal troubles. We won’t stop until you’re where you deserve to be, whether that’s with a stronger contractual backing for your business dealings or divorced with the assets and custody agreement you’re entitled to.

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