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Protect Your Rights

When you’re placed under arrest in Florida, finding an experienced lawyer is imperative.

Florida is notoriously tough on crime. Already-harsh conviction penalties only worsen as the number of offenses increases. Moreover, understanding how to navigate through the day-to-day emotions and long-standing biases of those with the power to charge and convict is possibly the most complex and important task one must face when dealing with the legal system. There’s no faster way to harm your chances for leniency than actin’ a fool with an already grumpy judge.

Unless you’re America’s sweetheart, it can be exceedingly hard to get on a judge’s good side. Knowing how to present yourself starts here.

Orcutt-Angius & Ayala, PLLC has a track record of successfully negotiating favorable outcomes for our clients. Our lawyers have courtroom experience and are not afraid to go head-to-head with our opponents. Responding to your charge(s) is time sensitive, and waiting too long can effect the outcome of your case.

If you’re in need of a criminal defense attorney, call or email our office, today.

What We Offer

1. Defense for First, Second, Third, or higher DUI

2. Defense for DUI Crash

3. Defense for Marijuana Offense

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