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Law Enforcement Representation

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Representation for Those Who Serve and Protect

Our firm has strong ties to the law enforcement community. We represent law enforcement officers in administrative, civil, and criminal matters. We are familiar with the procedures of local law enforcement agencies and handle a multitude of issues:

Our firm represents law enforcement officers when they are forced to make a critical decision. We travel to the scene, consult with the officer, review statements made by the officer, represent the officer during interviews with investigators, and represent them through the entire legal and administrative processes. When an unjust ruling is made against the officer, we represent them in disciplinary appeals protecting their certification and pension.

If you are a law enforcement officer in need of representation for any of the issues listed above, call us today to speak with an attorney.

What We Offer

1. Criminal and Civil Defense

2. Internal Affairs/Administrative Representation

Internal Affairs Representation, Statement Reviews (Prepared for Formal Investigations), Garrity Rights Defense, Brady-Giglio Issues, Disciplinary Appeals, Certification Protection, etc.

3. General Representation

Family Issues, Estate Planning, Real Estate, and more.

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