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Pet Wills and Why They’re a Necessity

“It’s always better to be safe than sorry.” Getting a new pet can be a magical experience. A new furry friend for you and your loved ones brings so much light into the family, and, sometimes, a great defense against would-be attackers or thieves.

Amongst the hidden costs of owning a family pet, there looms an even greater responsibility, especially for those single and/or without children. This could be a difficulty even for those with adult children.

What happens is you pass, leaving your precious fur-baby behind?

I have good news for those reading this article. You can have plans drafted for your pet. A “Pet Will” is a document that, upon passing, designates a person and place to take your pet when it’s your time. Noble Legal Firm will ensure personally that your pet is well taken care of and placed exactly where you wish for them to be. We promise your pet the tomorrow they deserve, even if it has to be without their parent. Your family is our family.

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