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child custody
Jim Morrison was right. People are strange, when you’re a stranger. It’s hard to know who to trust in this big, lonely world. Finding the right legal representation for you and your family can be especially difficult (or, incredibly simple, if you read this article before consulting attorneys). Lawyers are like Charon. No, not in...
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To die—to sleep, No more; and by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to —An excerpt from Hamlet, by William Shakespeare Is your relationship truly meant to be? Marriages are full of ups and downs, and going through with a divorce without really weighing...
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Nasty, uncooperative, illegal. Red flags that’ll cause attorneys or judges on divorce/custody cases to initiate a Custody Evaluation. A Custody Evaluation is exactly what it implies, an evaluation of both parents’ ability to be functional, responsible parents to their children. Child Custody Evaluations involve the following: separate interviews with parents, children, people you know or...
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