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Personal Injury An injury not to property, but to the body, mind, or emotions. For example, if you slip and fall on a banana peel in the grocery store, personal injury covers any actual physical harm (broken leg and bruises) you suffered in the fall as well as the humiliation of falling in public, but...
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You’re going to die. And it’s impossible to know when. Whether a new adult or a seasoned life veteran, you should take the time to plan your estate with a knowledgeable attorney. What is an Estate Plan? An Estate Plan is simply a set of documents that allow you to dictate who will take care...
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Biden or Trump? Who’s to say. With ballots still being counted up until mid-November (and a probable recount on the horizon), uncertainty’s just around the bend. It’s the perfect time to plan your estate. What is an Estate Plan? An Estate Plan is simply a set of documents that allow you to dictate who will...
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As the late, great Biggie Smalls once said: Money, more or less, causes problems. In the state of Florida, when a deceased person leaves a will, they usually leave a portion of their estate to their spouse. This Spousal Elective Share isn’t necessary so long as the minimum amount by statute was left to the...
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Nasty, uncooperative, illegal. Red flags that’ll cause attorneys or judges on divorce/custody cases to initiate a Custody Evaluation. A Custody Evaluation is exactly what it implies, an evaluation of both parents’ ability to be functional, responsible parents to their children. Child Custody Evaluations involve the following: separate interviews with parents, children, people you know or...
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“It’s always better to be safe than sorry.” Getting a new pet can be a magical experience. A new furry friend for you and your loved ones brings so much light into the family, and, sometimes, a great defense against would-be attackers or thieves. Amongst the hidden costs of owning a family pet, there looms...
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